OpenDEM has developed an opensource software defined microgrid controller (OMC) in partnership with the University of St Thomas School of Engineering. The OMC is a cost-effective means to integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), solar PV, battery storage, generators, and smart load controllers to optimize the use renewable energy and to keep the lights on in the event of grid outage.



Key Functions:

  • Voltage, Frequency and Power Factor Support
  • DER Coordination at Point of Interconnection (POI) and Point of Common Coupling (PCC)
  • Volt-VAr Management: Power Factor Optimization
  • Microgrid Unscheduled Islanding (Grid2Island)
  • Microgrid Reconnection (Island2Grid)

Based on Existing Standards

  • OMC is based on existing DER communication & control standards – IEC CIN & IEC 61850, IEEE2030.5, openFMB and openADR.
  • It is consistent with the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) architectural pattern
  • It is a reference implementation of the openFMB Information Model.