We are a passionate team of experienced professionals ready to provide effective solutions in an ever-evolving DER landscape. We understand the global playing field — from transitioning well-established systems to creating new systems in the developing world. At openDEM we incorporate research insights, industry standards and years of experience to implement and deploy DER IT solutions worldwide.


openDEM offers a comprehensive suite of products for managing energy resources both locally and remotely — from a portfolio of campuses or properties down to a single tenant or unique device. We offer electric submetering solutions for owners and managers of residential and commercial properties. Our software can also provide building owners and property managers with a simple way to automatically generate accurate bills and invoices through tenant and utility billing applications.

What we do

To develop open source software tools from sensors & switches to controller & cloud — that securely monitors, manages and controls Distributed Energy Resources (DER).

Raymond Kaiser is the President and Co-founder of OpenDEM Systems. He has focused on renewable energy, green building technologies, and microgrids for over 15 years. Raymond has been working on multiple projects related to DER data collection, communications and control for over 10 years. He was co-chair of the Design and Construction Technical Working Group for the Orange Button initiative. He was the Project Manager to develop the solar systems and components UML for Orange Button He has presented on DER communication & control protocols and standards at DER interoperability workshops and conferences hosted by EPRI, GMLC, and SEPA (Grid Evolution Summit and Transactive Energy Conference).

Conference Presentation
Blockchain Smart Grid Contracts, Transactive Energy Systems Conference & Workshop, MIT, Cambridge MA, June 14,2018 Smart Grid Contracts Transactive Energy
Orange Button APIs for Solar PV Asset Management, Solar Power International, Las Vegas NV, Sept 12, 2017. Solar PV Asset Management
Toward a DER Interoperability Architecture, with Dave Hardin, SEPA, Grid Architecture Working Group, Grid Evolution Summit, Washington DC, July 25, 2017. SEPA Grid Evolution DER Interop
DER Interoperability, GMLC Interoperability Technical Review Meeting, AEP, Columbus OH. May 10, 2017. DER Interoperability
Intelligent Energy Management of DER, Intelligent Energy Management conference, Glava Energy Center, Arvika, Sweden, May 3, 2017. DER Intelligent Energy Management
Imagining the future of DER C&C, EPRI/OpenADR Alliance DER Protocol Workshop, Palo Alto CA, April 19, 2017 Think Different
Protocols, Data Models and DER C&C, with Ben DuPont, Nebland Software, EPRI/OpenADR Alliance DER Protocol Workshop, Palo Alto CA, April 18, 2017 Protocol Landscape
DNP and SunSpec, with Ben DuPont, Nebland Software, EPRI/OpenADR Alliance DER Protocol Workshop, Palo Alto CA, April 18, 2017 DNP3 and Sunspec
Integrating Distributed Energy Resources, with Marc Collins, DNV GL, December 5, 2016, ACEEE Intelligent Energy Conference, Austin TX, No presentation
Utility Load Integration and Balancing, with David Dobratz, Eversource Energy, ACEEE Intelligent Energy Conference, Boston MA, December 7, 2015. DER Load Balancing

Dave Hardin (Co-PI) has extensive experience in designing, integrating and managing enterprise information and automation in the energy sector. Dave was Chief Architect at SEPA and has held senior technical and management positions at EnerNOC and Schneider/Invensys. Dave has been active in Smart Grid initiatives since 2006 including serving on the OpenADR Alliance Board of Directors, SGIP Board of Directors, co-chair of the SGIP Architecture Committee, chair of the SGIP Industrial-to-Grid Domain Expert Working Group and vice chair of the SGIP Transactive Energy Coordination Group. Dave is also serving on the OPC Foundation Technical Advisory Council and is member emeritus of the GridWise Architecture Council (GWAC), a Registered Professional Engineer (PE), Project Management Institute Project Management Professional (PMP), and an IEEE Certified Professional Software Engineering Master (PSEM).

Grid Architecture SEPA Grid Architecture
Laying the Foundation for Next Solar PV Asset Management